It’s International Happiness Day

Culture offers frameworks for giving meaning and purpose of life. What is the relationship between culture and happiness? What influences it?

A Towline for the Trailing Spouse

When managers are sent on an expat assignment, support is given to them, but what about the trailing spouse? A happy home means a happy worker.

The Currency of Interpretation

Is smiling universal? How do we judge others who do not act like we do? There are two sides to every interpretation.

Happy New Year! Enter the Dragon 2024

What do Bruce Lee, Martin Luther King and John Lennon have in common? They were all born in the year of the Dragon. 2024 is the year of the Dragon.

Food meets culture

What we eat, how we eat and when we eat is deeply rooted in our cultural traditions. Here are some key aspects of the relationship between food and culture because you can't have one without the other.

One size fits all

Sometimes, we don't realize that we are encountering a cultural difference and apply the same size fits all approach. Read on to find out why a CV in German is not the same as a CV in English.