Special Workshops

  • Cultural Awareness ‘Treading Water’

If you can’t swim, you will sink. If you can tread water, you can make it to the shore.
This workshop is specifically for ex-pats living in Germany. It provides necessary tools on how to alleviate the stress of a foreign work placement. It covers basic theories on German culture as well as practical tips on how to get by, highly recommended for family and spouses as well.

  • Cultural Awareness ‘Getting the Bigger Picture’

Our business is global and English is the global language, but speaking English is not enough to successfully conduct business. We need to understand culture, how it works, and how our culture meshes with another culture. Knowledge is power.

  • Doing Business in Japan

This workshop is recommended for anyone who is conducting business in Japan or who is doing a work placement there. Background knowledge coupled with my own personal experience aims to give the participant a good grasp of not only Japanese culture, but specific insight into Japanese business style.

  • GMAT/TOEFL/TOEIC Preparation

The GMAT exam is a mandatory exam for most MBA programs.
The TOEFL and TOEIC exam are also mandatory for post graduate programs as well as for work placements.